Reproductive Rights

AAUW Opposes Attacks on Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights have been under attack for decades — even before Roe v. Wade — and advocates are facing grave challenges and attacks both at the federal and state levels. States continue to advance anti-abortion legislation, and more than half of U.S. women of reproductive age currently live in states that are hostile or extremely hostile to abortion rights. The map, which can also be viewed at, illustrates those areas where there is limited access to services.

AAUW continues to pursue opportunities to improve access to care by working with Congress and the relevant federal agencies on the following initiatives: (1) AAUW opposes any attempt to limit access to Title X programs and supports increased Title X funding, (2) AAUW advocates for effective health care laws that empower women to make their own positive health care decisions, and (3) AAUW supports comprehensive legislation that provides preventative health and education to support reproductive care for women that ensures access to legally prescribed contraception.

For more information, see AAUW’s position on reproductive rights.

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