Past Local Scholarship Recipients’ Comments

AAUW San Jose Local Scholarship recipients have achieved a 99% graduation rate over the past five years. They tell us that our support and faith in them made a significant difference in their ability and desire to finish college.

“I’m a full-time student, and I work over 30 hours a week to support myself. It’s really difficult to balance both. It helps me financially, and also emotionally, to know there is a team of people behind me who are supporting my education and endeavors. That inspires me to keep going.”

“As an electrical engineer, it’s really hard to get through my classes in general, but I couldn’t imagine having to worry about paying back all my schooling. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to pay for all of that. I don’t honestly know what I would have done without it.”

“I am a former AAUW scholarship winner. I graduated from the nursing program at San Jose State and am currently working full time as a RN at the Morgan Hill Rehab Center and part time as a case manager at a Kaiser Hospital.”

In addition to the financial assistance available through a scholarship, AAUW provides recipients with a program of integrated support services, including life-skills guidance from AAUW members and financial management training. This program supports recent graduates as they begin careers in a range of fields such as biotech, engineering, health sciences, business, journalism, and education.

Your tax-deductible contribution can help dedicated young women reach their career potential and become active community leaders. To contribute to the Local Scholarship fund, please make check payable to ISPF-AAUW-Local Scholarship, then mail or drop it off at AAUW San Jose Branch headquarters: 1165 Minnesota Ave, Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95125. Local Scholarship is a 501(C)(3) project administered by the AAUW Interbranch Special Projects Foundation.