2022 Local Scholarship Recipients, Campuses and Majors

The 2022 AAUW San Jose Local Scholarship Recipients received over $131,000 in scholarships to aid them in finishing their undergraduate degrees.  Applicants come from the local community, but may attend colleges all over the nation and in various fields.

See below for the variety of fields our 2022 scholarships supported:


  • Danielle A. SJSU Psychology
  • Mary B. CSU Liberal Studies
  • Maritza C. UCLA Biochemistry
  • Amanda D. UCSB Sociology/Asian American Studies
  • Chloe E. SFSU Biology/Zoology, minor Chemistry (Edie Kerr Scholarship)
  • Lisette H. SJSU Communications, minor Meteorology
  • Terinn H. SJSU Communications/Public Relations
  • Kaya J. SJSU Classical Music/Performance
  • Berebet K. UC San Diego Communications/Media Law/International Relations
  • Miranda L. Stanford University English/Creative Writing
  • Kimberly L. SJSU Child and Adolescent Education (Grace O’Leary Scholarship)
  • Eizen M. UC Berkeley Nursing/Biology
  • Marija M. Biola University Nutrition
  • Luz M. SJSU Business Admin/Finance (Brenda Ladewig Scholarship)
  • Olivia O. UCLA Economics, minor Accounting/Finance
  • Sohella O. Samuel Merrill University Nursing (Goldberg Family Scholarship)
  • Carmen R. SCU Psychology, minor Sociology
  • Courtney R. SCU Mechanical Engineering
  • Evelyn R. Northeastern University Biology/Political Science
  • Maritza V. SJSU Political Science
  • Nathalia V. UC Berkeley Sociology and Ethnic Studies
  • Stephanie V. CSU Monterey Bay Business Admin

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