AAUW Fund Branch Named Gift Honorees

Congratulations to the following 2016 Branch-Named Gift Nominees for AAUW Fund!

The AAUW Fund Named Gift Honorees are the Archives Committee, Jane Guinther, and Jacqui Rogers. What is the AAUW Fund and why we need it?

Archives CommitteeArchives Committee – Diana Taylor (Chair), Marilyn Jackson, Lida Kluzek, Judith Ohland, Grace O’Leary, Laura Manthey, Bernice Redfern, and Barbara Gilbert: Organized and saved branch paper records dating from 1930s to 2000 in a permanent, secure environment, meeting twice a month for two years. Records involved 50 years of scrapbooks, 70 years of minutes, directories, newsletters, and other documents that needed to be permanently stored in a safe place in case of fire or major earthquake. The cutoff year was 2000 because after that the branch switched to digital records. The Committee used “Records Management Guidelines for States and Branches” prepared by AAUW national’s Archives Task Force and deposited a total of nine (9) linear feet of documents to History San Jose.

Jane Guinther, Tech TrekJane Guinther: Served as Tech Trek community action project (CAP) volunteer for over 10 years, leading as chair in most of those years. She actively sought participating middle schools, interfaced with school administrators, interviewed applicants, connected with parents of selected campers, coordinated the Ice Cream Social (Camp Orientation) hosted by the Inter-Branch Council (IBC), and served as “dorm mom” at Stanford. For over seven years, Jane also took charge of Tech Excellence, which was held twice a month for nine months in a year for seventh grade students at the John Muir Middle School. She facilitated classroom stations, maintained materials, handled all technological requirements, and coordinated field trips. On the finance side, she worked with the Interbranch Special Projects Foundation (ISPF) of AAUW Santa Clara County and its officers.

Jacqui RogersJacqui Rogers: Chaired Public Policy for two years and coordinated the Human Trafficking program, which was attended by over 40 members and local residents. During Super Bowl 2016, she distributed soap to motels and talked to managers about how to prevent human trafficking. In October 2016, she was one of the presenters at the Propositions Forum prior to the national election. She was a big proponent of equal pay, rallying our members to work with the Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative (BA=$C) to end gender pay gap and the Coalition for Equal Pay to raise awareness among high school students by distributing science lesson plans, including $0.79 cookies to illustrate pay disparities. She assisted Gloria Leonard at Fall Event for over four years and co-authored several articles for the BONFIRE, thus raising our awareness to public policy issues.

[Presented by Louise Persson, AAUW Fund/LAF VP, at the AAUW San Jose Branch Annual Meeting, April 22, 2017, Three Flames, San Jose, CA]